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Paul Gallender’s newly-revised biography of heavyweight champion, Sonny Liston.

In a span of fifteen months in the mid-1960’s, heavyweight champion Charles “Sonny” Liston went from being unbeatable to being unmercifully seen as a pariah. Today, the memories of Liston are little more than a footnote to Muhammad Ali’s career. The photograph of Ali standing over Liston has defined Sonny for half a century. It has so obscured his talent and character that most people seem far more interested in knowing how Sonny died than how he lived. Sonny Liston In A New Light is a penetrating look at boxing’s first super heavyweight, a man who was tagged as too big, too black and too fierce for most of America in the ’50’s and ’60’s. This is the story of who Sonny Liston really was and a remarkable glimpse into who he has become. It is unlike any book you have ever read.

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Paul Gallender’s First Book

Paul Gallender digs into the ring life and psyche of Sonny Liston, one of the most misunderstood athletes of his or any generation. He attempts to portray the real personality of one of boxing’s greatest champions who had to fend of Gestapo-like tactics during his career, not only from the police forces of several major American cities, but also by bigoted sportswriters of his time. In all respects, Paul succeeds.
J Russell Peltz, boxing promoter, International Boxing Hall of Fame (Class of 2014)


Nowhere else is there such a detailed account of the Liston-Ali bouts. I think Liston would have approved of Gallender’s real story of his fights with Ali. The book is a credit to Sonny and the man he really was.
Willie Reddish Jr., Liston’s friend and the son of his trainer


Reading many of the pages brought back mixed emotions of my memories of Uncle Charles. I could vividly remember some of the stories Paul recalled in the book which brought smiles to my face. He painted Sonny in a different light, as a gentle giant, and not the angry man many proposed him to be.
Helen Long, Liston’s niece

This book is one of a kind! Gallender will open a lot of eyes about the sport of boxing and show people what a bad deal my father got. Thanks a lot, Paulie. I know Sonny would have liked you. You could have called the book, THE TRUTH, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

William Wingate, Liston’s son


This book is a bird’s-eye view of a very, very special human being. Sonny could have been the Black Athlete of the Century.
Gary Bates, Liston’s sparring partner


I became spellbound by the amount of research Paul did. It was more research than was done on Abraham Lincoln.
Lem Banker, sports analyst and handicapper

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About The Author

Paul Gallender’s first career was raising money for non-profit groups that benefit children, seniors, the physically disabled and the environment. Since publishing Sonny Liston – The Real Story Behind the Ali-Liston Fights in 2012, he has ghostwritten an autobiography and is currently co-writing a second. Paul lives in Chicago with his wife Debbie and pets, Hannah and Tika.

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Introducing Sonny Liston

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