We are all going to die and we will be remembered for what we did and in some cases, what we did not accomplish. People will speak about how we made them feel sometimes more than our specific achievements or actions. My Aunt Ann always made me feel unconditionally loved and accepted for who I was. We remember things people did for us, but how they made us feel lingers in the memory more deeply and far longer.

Do you ever think about how you will be remembered? What legacy will you leave for your loved ones? Will they reminisce about your sense of humor, or will they think of you each time they smell a particular perfume or cologne? Another question to ask yourself is, will they have the foresight to think in terms of your evolution? Might they say, I am sure he has advanced since he was here, or, I hope that he is in a better place and healing?

Does the idea of an authentic posthumous autobiography of a rough and tough black boxer, written by a white woman, ignorant of boxing, seem preposterous? Decide for yourself when you read what Sonny Liston says. This posthumous autobiography of Charles “Sonny” Liston is a direct result of my communications with Sonny which began forty-one years after his death. After we pass from this physical life, time does not have equal meaning in the Realms of Light. How long then, has it taken for Sonny to reach this pinnacle in his evolution for him to be able to contact me? I don’t know, but I wasn’t ready for him any sooner than this, so I trust that the timing is right.

Lifetimes ago, Sonny and I made a pact that I would write both his story and mine. Those books are Greetings From The Afterlife © 2016 and Sonny Liston Today – The Spirit Behind The Man – From The Afterlife © 2016 These works have taken years at the computer receiving endless messages from Sonny and Divine Guidance. I am including Sonny’s communications which he called The Immense Release, My Shadow, and a portion of Sonny Shares Powerful Messages. We also have a very personal glimpse into what Sonny’s emotions were as he dictated A Posthumous Autobiography to me. He literally rewrote the first three pages of Paul’s original biography in his own words and language.

I have writings from Sonny the poet, philosopher, healer, teacher and spiritually evolved soul. In the posthumous autobiography he takes us back to Sonny, the physical man who met with an untimely death on December 30, 1970. He lived a tortured life and he did the best he could with what he had. We are fortunate to become acquainted now with the pure essence of who he has become.

Wouldn’t it be incredible, if after you pass from this life and acquire true wisdom, someone still living would write what you wanted to share with your loved ones or the world? Can you imagine if you made mistakes you never apologized for and, following your death you could make amends? What if someone could help translate your feelings to those you left here who remember the pain you caused them? It would be a tremendous healing and gift for you and those you wanted to apologize to if you could connect with a ‘Medium’ who can bring your words and feelings into this physical world. I am committed to working with Sonny Liston in this way, just as I am for countless others.

After I had completed most of my writings from Sonny, I told Paul I’d like to read part of his book, The Real Story Behind the Ali-Liston Fights. He sent me Chapter One. I hadn’t gotten very far when Sonny spoke to me, literally, of his feelings. He began to say what he was going through emotionally during the episodes from his life which Paul had described. I was surprised and grabbed a piece of paper and began to write, trying to keep up with him. I would read a few lines and then Sonny would dictate to me how he wanted the piece re-written. I did this for a brief time and then took the work to Paul for him to comment on. Paul told me that Sonny had changed something in every sentence, except for one direct quote from Sonny.

The language used is brusque, just as it was when Sonny lived this last lifetime on Earth. To be true to who he was then, not who he is now, the language was left intact for the most part. Broken, vulgar, irate at times, Sonny shares a side of himself he did not show to others.

Do we ever reveal all our feelings? Only if we feel completely safe. Sonny is hoping that you will see his wounds and forgive him his flaws. Isn’t this what everyone would like to receive?

The Spirit of Sonny Liston tells us much from the Realms of Light where he resides. Sonny shows us that what you do now is of paramount importance to the quality of your existence in the afterlife. How much you need to heal later will depend upon what you choose to do in your current circumstances. Live now knowing that all of your good works will determine how quickly you progress in the afterlife.